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"At first, my son hid when Emily came, but six months later, he happily greets Emily at the door and has shown great improvement in his pronunciation and communication skills.  Emily not only helped my son directly, but also introduced me to tools and techniques I can incorporate into our daily lives to help my son improve in an natural way."

- Sheila G.​

"Ms. Blumberg is one of the few speech pathologists in the area who has experience working with children who have hearing loss. She's a great resource for our area."

​- Dr. Megan Ford, HearSmart Audiology

​"Emily has been working with my son for years and she is wonderful. We chose to continue working with Emily throughout the school year to supplement his speech services at school. Emily is able to make the therapy fun and she has taught me how to support his language skills at home."

 - Christine DB.​​

"Emily worked with my son when he was 2 in our home. He had articulation problems. She was excellent and he achieved normal speech patterns very quickly. She was fun and playful with him , essential to getting little ones to work. He looked forward to her visits. Emily was great at communicating with me, understanding my concerns and offering practical suggestions for me to facilitate his speech. I highly recommend Emily."

 - Nancy R.​​

"​​Emily worked with my son when he was having trouble with the R sound. After a frustrating year of zero progress and a lot of waiting for the school specialist to make time for him, it only took a few weeks with Emily for my son to improve tremendously. The best part was that she met with him at our home, and he loved her visits. She also took our insurance, which was great."

​- Lanea T.

"Emily worked with my son when we first found out he had a hearing loss. She was amazing to work with both for Nathan and us as parents. My son always looked forward to seeing Emily as the had fun even though they worked hard each session. Emily has become family to us even now that my son is older. She is one of a kind!"

​​- Sue P.

"Emily worked diligently with my son prior to entering Kindergarten on issues with speech.  She maintained a warm and engaging environment and brought a variety of games and activities to make working fun and easy.  Emily quickly assessed his challenges and figured out what games and activities would best tackle his challenges.  I'm so proud that he entered Kindergarten without the requirement of any further special education services."

​ - Jennifer G.

"The world's best pediatric speech therapist, Emily Blumberg, clearly encouraged amazingness these past 4 months. If anyone has any need for a local pediatric speech therapist, that does home visits, Emily is amazing with children and cares for her patients deeply. Her use of sign language blows my mind weekly. We are ecstatic that Will is graduating from weekly visits. This is a great reminder to ourselves that this is just another amazing achievement for our heart warrior."

-  Kim A.

​"We contacted Emily about a month before our son's Early Intervention services were coming to an end. Emily was quick to call back and to come out to observe and test our son to see if he would benefit from her services. Emily quickly gained the trust and affection of our son with her fun, caring, and contagious personality. Emily did an amazing job working with our son, giving us tips and tricks to help him progress, and giving my son the confidence to let himself be heard! Emily is great at gauging a child's comfort level and adjusting her skill set to their needs while promoting success. We were very happy with having Emily work with our son and would highly recommend her to others as a speech provider."

- Jennifer and TJ B.

​"Emily began working with our son who has a profound hearing loss while he was in Early Intervention. She made such an impact on his language that we asked her to see us privately - and nearly 10 years later, she is still with us - we couldn’t imagine going this road without her! Not only is Emily professionally one of the best at what she does, she is also warm and kind and takes the time to earn the trust of her clients. In this way, she is able to get the best out of our son. We recommend her enthusiastically and without hesitation."

- ​Kristen K.​

Emily Blumberg, MS, CCC-SLP, CEIS

 Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist